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*We have more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. During this period, we have created one of the industry's largest network within the wholesale and export trade in recent Danish cars.*

In recent years we have seen an increase in export sales, and has acquired extensive experience in this area. We are 10 employees caseworker about 1,000 cars a year. This means that we have a large flow of all brands and vintages. At the same time this gives us a strong network to provide high quality cars at the right prices.

Our business is to expand the company through the continual and rapid adaptation to market opportunities. This is done by continuously expanding our network in Denmark and Europe, so that we always have a seller and a customer for both standard and custom cars.


What can we offer
We can offer expertise from a professional team with a high level of service that makes it possible for our customers to acquire good Danish cars at competitive prices. In addition, we, through our extensive network buy exactly the cars our customers demand.

Through our efficient transport partner, we offer our customers the transport of cars for most of Europe at favorable prices. For example, it costs only EUR 800, - for the transport of 8 cars from Copenhagen to Hamburg and EUR 1.500, - from Copenhagen to Prague.


How to do business with us
We only deal with registered companies both at home and abroad.
To become a registered customer requires proof that the company is registered with the VAT / VAT number. All cars due upon invoicing and before shipment. Our company is registered in Denmark with Company No. 2622 9200 which can be seen in the Central Business Register.

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